A BIA accurately maps the vulnerabilities of the organisation, identify critical workflows and key organisational dependencies. 


A BIA increases awareness of your vulnerabilities and key dependencies, strengthening your understanding of your operations and business environment

A BIA is a crucial component of any effective Business Continuity Plan (BCP).


The outcomes of BIA generally include the identification of all mission-critical functions, recovery timeframes, resource requirements, internal and external dependencies, disruption scenarios applicable to each critical function and cost-based risk modelling.


A BIA identifies the business activities and resources necessary to deliver the organisation’s most important products and services. Therefore, nothing is excluded from scope and a BIA covers people, processes and technology.

Cybras Approach

Cybra performs BIAs based on a structured framework with an adaptable methodology involving a combination of site inspections, facilitation of consultative interviews and workshops, use of quantitative risk tools and the review of documentation.

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