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Outsourcing your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) role is a cost effective and efficient alternative to finding, recruiting, and retaining experienced C-level security personnel. 


The role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) consists of combination of technical and soft skills, such as business acumen, leadership, communications and relationship building. Additionally, Cybra CISOs have expert technical skills in various degrees of the information security industry.

The main role of the vCISO is to provide you with cyber security leadership and guidance, tailored specifically to your business needs, such as overseeing a cyber security program, guidance through compliance or on-tap exert advice for various cyber security challenges your business may be facing.


All businesses are different, and each business has different security goals and requirements that need to be met. In may circumstances, security budget is limited and that budget is put towards priority security controls. Hiring an internal Chief Information Security Officer can be difficult for an organisation. In many cases, particularly for SMEs, it may be hard to justify the overhead for a full-time CISO, leaving gaps in your organisation’s security processes that often fall on IT teams to fill, many who may not have the time, skill, knowledge, or resources to do so.

The solution is simple, sign up with Cybra’s vCISO program and have your very own on-demand CISO. This helps mitigate those exposed gaps in security and provides your organisation with a dedicated, and more economical resource which can be called upon as little, or as much as your situation calls for. Depending on your circumstance, our vCISO can help with some of (but not limited) to the below tasks:

  • Stakeholder engagement and board presentations
  • Infrastructure security design and guidance
  • Risk-based assessments
  • Compliance implementation guidance
  • Technical security assessments
  • Oversight of security programs and projects

+ more! Tell us what you need and we can fit it.

Cybra’s Approach

We have a pool of cyber security experts with highly sought-after skills, and the capability to deliver vCISO services to all business types.

Our vCISO program is flexible and customisable to your needs. We can provide one-off assistance, or on-call services to dedicated services for extended periods of time.

Speak with us regarding your specific needs and we will be able to help you.

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