Security Awareness Training

How DOes Your Security Awareness Stack Up?

Having a well a well-equipped, knowledgeable and risk-adverse work force significantly reduces the likelihood of your organisation suffering a data breach.


With the continued improvement of security controls, it is evident that the human element presents the weakest link in an organisation. We believe that to mitigate this attack vector, it is important to empower users through education, providing them the understanding and knowledge to adequately identify and prevent such attacks.

Our Approach

Cybra has developed a comprehensive presentation pack which will provide your staff members an understanding of the current threat landscape, how to identify attacks, and what steps they can take to remain safe at home and work.

Content includes:

  • Current Technology Landscape

  • Challenges – Threat Landscape

  • Threat Actors / Adversaries

  • Motivations of Cyber Criminals

  • The Cost of Cyber Security Events

  • Social Engineering – including Phishing, SMiShing, Vishing, USB Drops, and Physical Breaches

  • What can you do? – including Password Hygiene, Office Space, Remote Work, and Social Media

  • What to do as a victim?

This material will be tailored to organisation’s template / style guide and include examples from your environment. This presentation pack will be delivered to you as part of the project.

One of Cybra’s experienced cyber security specialists will conduct cyber security awareness training sessions with your organisation’s presentation pack. This session will be conducted remotely or in-person, leaving ample time for questions at the end.

What You Get

The deliverable for the Security Awareness Training includes:

   • A cyber security awareness training presentation pack tailored to your organisation’s template / style guide which can be distributed to staff

  • 1+ hour cyber security awareness training session/s of the aforementioned pack remotely or in-person (which can be recorded)

  • Q&A session to answer staff questions (30-60mins)


We Have experience working with all industries.

Cybra’s vast service portfolio covers all corporate and enterprise grade systems, networks and applications. Our consultants are not only certified with globally recognised certifications, but have decades of experience consulting in all business verticals and industries, allowing us to use our experience to provide you unrivalled customer service and tailored services to meet your specific security requirements.


Education remains a prime target to cybercriminals due to the private data that many schools and learning centres are custodians of. Education is often under-resourced and faces uphill battles when trying to maintain a strong cyber security posture against new and emerging threats.

We have vast experience in working with Education providers and understanding their specific needs and requirements when it comes to protecting their student and staff information.


Government, particularly local governments and councils, face a multitude of challenges when protecting their assets from cybercriminals. This tends to stem from diverse architectures and systems, legacy applications, changing regulations and compliance and lack of budget.

We have worked extensively with local governments over the years and have a solid understanding of how they work, what they are trying to protect and what outcomes are desirable.

The most popular service we offer with government clients is penetration testing of external internet-connected infrastructure and websites.


Attackers can be opportunistic shoppers — and in the retail industry, they see a potentially vulnerable target. Countless big-name retailers have been hit by data breaches, including Macy’s, Home Depot, CVS, Kay Jewelers, Best Buy, Target and more. The retail sector is a top target for cybercriminals, especially as growing pressure from eCommerce giants forces more and more retail transactions online.

We have performed penetration testing over retail shopping websites, mobile applications and cloud deployments. We have also performed penetration testing designed to satisfy PCI DSS compliance.

Finance / Banking

The finance industry is always at the coal-face of cybersecurity, providing the most alluring target to would-be attackers. Due to the importance of protecting customer’s data and money, the finance industry is required to abide by some of the strictest regulations and compliance obligations.

We have performed penetration testing of banking infrastructure (internal and external) and of banking mobile applications.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure, such as power and electricity, is becoming a hot-button cybersecurity topic due to the interconnected nature of new ICS and SCADA infrastructures worldwide.

Attacks on critical infrastructure, industrial espionage, phishing emails and drive-by downloads are just a few of the tactics employed by cybercriminals that can lead to defective products, production downtime, physical damage, injuries and death, the loss of sensitive information and more.

The manufacturing industry is an especially attractive target for cybercriminals for several reasons, including:

* Legacy equipment or industrial IoT devices that were not necessarily put in place with security in mind

• Gaps between IT and operations technology

• Lack of documented training, processes and procedures a

• Failure to conduct adequate risk assessments

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the greatest potential weak spots for manufacturers when it comes to cybersecurity. While they gain efficiencies and improve production processes with connected devices and intelligent machinery, the IoT exposes manufacturers to a network easily infiltrated by those looking to do harm.

We have performed penetration testing of critical infrastructure networks, including secure network segmentation testing.


Like the government, health care organisations are privy to a plethora of sensitive information. And like the government, many organizations are not adequately protecting that data. Millions of patients have had access to private records compromised in an ongoing series of costly and high-profile data breaches. The health care industry also has suffered considerably more than other industries when faced with ransomware attacks.

Health care organisations have been a frequent target of cyber-attacks for two primary reasons, the high value of data that these organisations possess and the ease with which hackers are able to access this data. Data gleaned from insecure systems is then sold on the black market, where cybercriminals purchase and sell personal data for a multitude of purposes including espionage and identity fraud.

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