Cloud Security Posture

This package is designed to effectively assess the security posture of an organisation’s cloud environment using a mix of penetration testing and technical configuration reviews. 

External Vulnerability Assessment

Commercial-grade vulnerability scanning against external network / internet perimeter (up to 30 IP addresses).

Assessment covers web applications, network devices, remote access solutions, firewalls and any networked service published to the internet.

The outcome is a detailed report show what services each host has published to the internet, what services are vulnerable to attack and expert advice on how to mitigate the risks that were uncovered during the assessment.

Configuration Hardening Review

Configuration Hardening Review involves assessing your cloud environment against a mixture of industry security standards (CIS) and vendor hardening guidelines.

The outcome of the assessment is a detailed report detailing which configuration settings align with the chosen standard, which settings are not configured, the risk impact of the misconfigured settings, and recommendations on how to configure the environment securely.

For more information on what areas are covered in the assessment, view the relevant CIS benchmark.

Pricing and Conditions

$4000 AUD exGST

External Network: No more than 15 active IP addresses.

Cloud: No more than 1 (one) Tennancy. Limited to AWS, Azure, GCP.

Configuration Review: Based on CIS and Vendor/Industry best practices.

Optional Addons

Depending on the organisation’s cloud environment architecture, it may be useful to also conduct a Web Application Penetration Test if internet-facing applications are hosted within the environment.

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