Microsoft Azure Security Assurance

Active Directory
Office 365
Penetration Testing

Unleash expert hackers against your Microsoft Azure environment with the scope and scenario of your choosing to identify potential weaknesses. The outcome of this is a detailed report and personal consultation.

Configuration Review

Every host and device within your Microsoft Azure environment requires hardening in order to provide defense-in-depth. Many of which are governed by industry standards and compliance. We will analyse your hosts against any standard of your choosing and develop actionable intelligence and remediation consultation.

Architecture Security

Expert network security and cloud security engineers will review your pre-deployment architecture designs and as-builds to ensure they are secure, meeting your security and compliance objectives.

Customised security assessments

Attack simulations from inside and outside of your environment

Penetration testing from the Internet against publicly-exposed services

Penetration testing of your internal cloud assets via IAM access keys in an assumed-breach scenario

Cybra Security
Email Security

Test the security controls of your email infrastructure including Office 365 and on-premises Exchange. Scenarios can include but not limited to authentication, access controls and threat protection. 


Test the security controls of your client endpoints, including protection from malware, ransomware and that hardening controls effectively protect your users and environment from active threats.

Phishing Simulation

Test your users protection from social engineering attacks. Scenarios can include phishing, spear phishing, whaling attacks, drive by downloads and more. Not only does this test your users, but also your email and endpoint defenses.

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